Friday, 20 August 2010

Gosh, I am so tired.

Woke myself up when I knocked my alarm out of my bed this morning...i'm not sure what time since the clock wasn't there anymore....
I thought that it had gone down the back of my bed but it had actually landed on my desk *skillage*
Is that serendipity? When you have unexpected good fortune?hmmmm

I need to buy wr-happing paper :O

omgosh!! i'm in the library!! someone's reading the 'we're going on a bear hunt' story with all of the onomatopoeia for the mud and the storm and everything xD I love that story...i remember being told that story in year one :P


I need to get new ink cartridges...the pen that i'm using for my diary at the moment bleeds a lil :/ my ink pen wrote really nicely adn although the black ink fades after a while to a yellowish brown colour it stays where it's put and you can't see fuzzy lil lines of it going through the page's fibre.

I had so much chocolate this morning :s

Gosh, i really ought to get on with everything on my 'to do' list, mmm hmmm, i actually wrote a 'to do' list!

I watched Departed *or is it The Departed :S?*

It wasn't really my sort of film...really confusing for the first part and pretty morbid but it wasn't bad. i don't reckon i'll bother watching it again though.

I need to sand some more of the beads...

takes about ten minutes per bead...

I use five for each bracelet...

takes a while to teak oil them and then they take 24 hours to dry completely...then i thread them up and tie ten knots *11 if you count the one to link it up...but i don't cuz ten's my lucky number...i didn't tie ten knots on purpose..well i did, you can't accidentally tie a knot...well, you can but ANYWAY, i didn't count them as i went along, i just thought it was a pleasant surprise thatthere were ten when i was done.*

I've bored you enough, i bid you adieu *i think*

Peace and love
p.s i've just been reading over some old's a line that made me laugh...'an epic collision of face and tarmac'

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