Tuesday, 24 August 2010

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I watched it last night with my family and it was really, really good!

It's from 1975 and it starred Jack Nicholson, who is pure awesomness, and a host of familiar faces including Danny Devito. Although, Danny Devito was so convincing that it actually took a while for me to really acknowledge that it was him despite his distinctive appearance.
The film won 5 oscars and was a five star film.
It deserved all of it's acalade, whereas with some highly acclaimed films, I find myself feeling disappointed by the end of it.

It was pretty close to being a perfect film...the only thinkg I'd change would be to give it a happy ending but then i'd probably go and ruin it because it would just be like any other movie. This was beautiful and heartbreaking.

I really highly recommend it to everyone of my subscribers and anyone else who might just stumble upon this perchance.

I've not said anything about the plot at all because i'd probably give too much away but it's set in a mental asylum and Jack Nicholson plays a convict who's dodging his sentence in prison by claiming that he is mentally ill. You will want Nurse Ratched dead by the end of it, she's one of the most abhorrent characters ever written.

Hey summer...check it:

I haven't got a clue what some of those lyrics even mean and at one point near the beginning there's a reference to wanting to smoke a girl he thinks is hot...lil weird, but who am i to judge? xD

That's all folks!

Peace and love

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  1. I saw that as well, and disagree. I thought that it was a really good film, but a happy ending would not have fit in. The ending that did happen, was part horribly tragic and part happy, but it was powerful nonetheless.

    Also, it's based on a book, which has the same ending.