Friday, 6 August 2010

Like Toy Soldiers in The Sand...

Junk mail SUCKS!!! i remember feeling happy about getting my first email trying to sell me viagra like a couple months ago because everyone talked about it but i'd never got one like that but now i just get loads of crud sent to my junk folder and then i got to thinking that if it's specifically being sent to my junk folder, hotmail KNOWS that it's junk but STILL sends it to me. I DON'T WANT IT. SEND IT BACK.

right, i'm off for tea!

thanks Summer for yesterday and today AND this funky hoody! xD i'm so looking forward to the fashion shoot with louise now, i reckon we have some EPIC ideas xD I tried to sketch out the 80's power-dressing thing against a graffiti bakcground...i only drew one person cuz i couldn't really be bothered with doing three and it's only like a 5-minute sketch but i reckon that the concept's pretty cool...i'm LOVING the whole BRIGHTS and fairy lights thing and the monochrome idea too...contrasting with the background could be so cool! i'm thining evening gowns up in the swing park...kinda balancing on the swings and draping our arms around the swing chains...i dunno. i get really excited when i think about planning stuff liek this xD

right, i'm REALLY off for tea now :D
...didn't even bother with a title...OOOOH just thought of something...
sounds kinda deep or profounf but it's NOT's literal xD mwa ha ha
i have no idea HOW but i just opened a tab for msn today...hmmmmm.

Peace and love


  1. The MSN tab statement at the end perplexes me. What are you talking about?

  2. I was tying that quite quickly and i'm not great at typing so i randomly smashed some keys *i don't know which* and it opened a new tab and it had msn today in it...

  3. Oh right, fair enough.

    I've thought of a beginning to your Toy Soldiers statement: 'Everything fades from time, like Toy Soldiers in the Sand'. Or perhaps 'We're all just playing games, like Toy Soldiers in the Sand'.

    Yeah, you could probably come up with some better and less hackneyed ones.