Thursday, 12 August 2010


hmmm...been a lil busy lately :P good busy though!! sawed up some wood...and my finger *but only a tiny bit so it's fine xD* yesterday and today I walked to tommy's and back. I stayed at his house inbetween...i didn't just walk there and back, that would be pointless xD
He shoved his remote in my mouth!!
...that's NOT a euphemism...

Peace and lovexxxx

p.s for anyone who hasn't of won't be seeing the google sign today:
71st anniversary of the wizard of oz, which as everyone knows, is one of my favourite films of all time :D


p.p.s i'm learning to sing a very well known romanian song xD

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  1. *Gasp* You told me you didn't go on Wednesday! Are you making this up or is there an egg or note I've missed!?

    Oh, and yes, that is definatly a euphenism XD That was hilarious...