Monday, 9 August 2010



I was going for a really fierce strong female, gaga inspired look...i looked like a man in drag D':!!!
still, 'twas a laugh and i reckon today went better!! I have...a week and a bit to get myself into shape for harvey's pool party!! xD FAIL.
i really feel like talkign to people but i can't get into my typing stride tonight, i'm sorry :s i'm gonna go get some more cake. so mucg for losing weight, eh? ;)
it is good though :) pineapple upside mama made it :D

Peace and love
p.s Summer and Louise rock my stripey socks!!
p.p.s Someone in AMERICA tried to sign in as me on fb last night at i had to change my password... now i'm really scared i'll forget it :s I have the same password for everything cuz it's just more convenient really. So, who's in america and who knows my password?? the only person i can think of right now is PloddyStapleFace...and he's in the middle of nowhere so wouldn't really have access to fb. hmmmmm.
p.p.p.s remind me to write down my password in my diary please? THANK YOU :D

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  1. Dude I so know what you mean. . .do'you reckon being walked by a massive rottweiler counts as exsercise . . .??????? hhhmmmmm

    ahh welllls see you on friday. . or will I ?