Thursday, 19 August 2010


i just accidentally posted this on the wrong blog...smooth...

mwa ha ah aha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha
that was a fail...yeah, i'm cruddy at typing.

it smells like sausages in here...we haven't had sausages in ages...i'm actually really properly confused now o.O

ooooh, for everyone i've misinformed:
DON'T GO TO SCHOOL 24th.....

just for year 11 apparently...sorry :/
not long to wait til school now anyways :s

omgosh, Harvey!! love you :P He let us go round his house and swim in his pool it :D

well...i spent most of my time...NOT one point i was in the middle of a bully circle being splashed *grrrrr, pick on the one who can't swim!! you big ol' meanies*
anyways, today has been SO good!
thanks so much for the lift...and alibi louise!!
It's not like my parents wouldn't let me go but it's just SO MUCH easier to say that I'm at Louise's than face my dad's inquisition:
who is he?
how old is he?
how do you know him?
is he your boyfriend?

-_-' and ¬_ ¬

i don't like lying to my parents but leaving out large chunks of the truth is just far more convenient...sorry :/

mmm, popcorn is good :P

hmmm...i feeling like dancing and knwo that weird kind of restlessness when you're both really knackered but simultaneously feeling the urge to run and jump and do athletic stuff???!?!?
just me?


ahem...I started writing my diary and then i got distracted xD I'll get bakc to it in a mo...there is much that must be written. ahaaaaaaaaaa

knowing me and knowing you
there is nothing we can do


looliage. oh yes, i went there...and do you know what else went there? foot...

i wish that i could show you the facial expression which accompanies the phrase, 'my foot' dang, harvey, you crack me up :P

does anyone even say 'crack me up' anymore??

evidently, yes. you just did. see?

right, i'm hyper...i need to leave before i start scaring small children :D

Peace and love

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