Monday, 2 August 2010


 can see my jump but you can't see the top of the wall...look at last year's vid for that....then you can see my almighty's actually started to fade a bit :) whereas it was blue-purple there it's not more purple-pink :P then there's me on a hill by the sea...then my grandpa, me, my grandma, my mum, ange and martin *dad took the pic!* OH and Wilfie!! xD

dang the sea hit me hard...

i might upload some more tomorrow...who knows?

i'm going out to see elin later :) haven't seen her in aaaaaaaagggggeeeeeeeeessssss so it'll be great to catch up :D

tommy, i'm wearing the hoodie! i can't see ever taking it off, 'tis well comfy.

oooh, MG found an interesting site...i can't vouch for how true it is but various parts of my writing have found me to be like J. D Salinger, Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk :D and if anyone reads this but not poetry arty's the link :P

Peace and love

p.s I just put in a random blog post and got someone called Arthur Clarke...i have yet to be compared to a woman....
p.p.s i don't know how i made that last sentence link to a photo... :s
p.p.p.s i just realised that the first you saw of this post in the dashboard was my bottom... :S how embarrassing. those are my pj shorts though so it's not really indecent!

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  1. Arthur C. Clarke? Famous sci-fi writer... that's an interesting mix of people, since I think you're a quite realistic writer, so I find it strange there's fantasy and sci-fi writers on your list.

    Anyway, Stephen King's one of my favourite writers, I might check out all the others that people have been compared to.