Saturday, 14 August 2010

STORYTIME...gather round children...


Before we met Charlotte we got read to by a bunny in the White Lion Walk, it was AWESOME!!

weather was shite again today :/ BUT then we went back to Matty's house and 'twas grand xD we sat on the trampoline and bounced on it too and screwed about with Matt's camera :D
such a laugh!!

I bought jeans and a top from TKMaxx this morning, very pleased wih them :P

I'm so sick of Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle now :( I REALLY loved that song when it first came out but now it's ALWAYS on the radio and it's just died...:(

i want FLUFF and i really want to try a fluffernutter sandwich :D ftr...Fluff is marshmallow spread from america that they sell in TKMaxx mmmmmmm

wahey! i got a Nora mini shake free in town. tasty :P and Tom, who was giving them out, told us about the time he won superhero powers and flew for the day xD but he was a lil worried about them running out so he hovered just a ocuple feet above the ground xD i love the randomers of Guildford.

whoa, i was the second person in tkmaxx this morning. SO WEIRD. being in a big shop with that few people is just eerie...although it did mean that i could browse through the rails on my own in peace without having to worry about showing courtesy to other shoppers *bliss*
BUt i did have to rush to meet matt at 10am...MATT, 10 is too early for socialising!! although it was cool to be out for like 8 hours xD

aw man, i think i've told some of you...i was trying to go all the way through my ipod on shuffle..i was at song 223 and my brother changed it and you can't just go back to the same shuffle cuz it reshuffles it :S so now i'm having to start all over again...but i've downloaded some new ones...including one by Sugarcult *ty Summer!!* but it's not's called Pretty Girl (the way) it's SO good :D
i'm not sure about the name of the group...sounds a lil girlie but maybe they're just being ironic...irony is cool.

Gosh I had a miserable dream last night. Really awful. I wanted to tell people about it cuz it was just so shocking but I thought it would probably bring the mood down and it was matt's b'day gathering even though it's not his b'day til the 18th but anyways....
I dreampt that I watched Someone commit suicide...I gave Someone a capital by accident but it seems appropriate because i don't know who he was. I didn't recognise him...i just made him up :s H ejumped from a builing but he looked so at peace when he was falling. His face was so untroubled that for a moment i really believed he'd be okay but then he crumpled against the concrete like cracked porcelain.

well, that was cheerful wasn't it? i need to go bakc to when i didn't remember my dreams :s

ANYWAYS!!! thanks Charlotte, Elin, Matt and Summer *i alphabetized you, get me!!* for today, it was awesome xD

Peace and love
p.s do you knwo Superman by a group called Goldfinger? xD I only know it frm a skateboarding game I played with my brothers on the N64 when I was WAAAAY younger xD still love the song though!


  1. *Major Flashback!* Oh. My. God. Was it by any chance a Tony Hawk's skating game? I remember playing that at my friend Jamie's when I was young and one of the lines was 'pretending to be Superman.' Too similar to be coincidence, right?
    Haven't commented on ehre in an archaic age! Hi.

  2. Hi.
    I was soooooo shocked when you told me on the phone yesterday!!! I honestly couldn't believe that you knew the song too xD!!!
    psychic, right? there's no other explanation in the whole world...