Friday, 13 August 2010


Fuming. Absolutely flaming well fuming.
So It's Martin's birthday on Monday...i's the 16th whatever day that is :P He's gonna be 14 xD i shaved his tash off the other day. so weird that he's getting older. I found it weird when my big brother got facial hair but my little brother??? TOO weird xD So I was shopping for him earlier. I bought him a t-shirt from topman and a pair of shoes from TKMAXX but i didn't get a shoe box *gutted* and since they're a present they ned to come in a shoe box so right next to tkmaxx is superdry so i asked if they had any spare shoeboxes. Nope. but the guy was really helpful and polite *appreciated* then i went upwards and asked at Jack Wills * i should have known better really* I asked some guy who was perfectly well mannered and then he went and asked his supervisor woman faced person-like and she was just like "NOOOOOO" and she gave me a filthy look...made me feel about this big ----->kaytei

NOT Appreciated.

grrrrrrrr. I'm not ever so keen on snobs.

anyways, then i went into Russel and Bromley and asked a lady in there. she came back with THREE boxes for me to choose from and put them in a lovely big paper bag for me. I give Russel and Bromley and all of their staff major kudos and thankyous. Russel and Bromley ROCK whilst Jack Wills SUCK. swines. the snobby girl in jack wills had terrible hair.

right, town later...i need to grab some lunch before i head out :P

Peace and love

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