Friday, 22 July 2011

Went to Christel's!!

For the first time in way too long!
I hadn't realised how much i missed her :s Thing is...when you've shared so much with someone and been around them for so long, you never completely lose it. So, when I called her last night....things were just cool, we were chatting and giggling and reminiscing as though I'd been chatting to her just last week.

We just hung out with Jess, Gina and Ellie today and it was really cool :) Watched a horror called White Noise: The Light *it's a sequel and i haven't seen the first one....but i still liked it* It did make me jump but I jump at jackets falling off hooks....
I'd give it three stars, watchable, very watchable but not that great. I rate horror films by the lack of sleep I get after watching them and honestly, I reckon I'll get a good 40 winks tonight :P

Today was good *contented sigh*

frack. i has work tomorrow...that is total bum.


ok, i'm quoting this from facebook but you don't choose where you find beautiful things :s

Live without pretending.
Love without depending.
Listen without defending.
Speak without offending

You know when you've been on the computer too long when you start liking everything on facebook....

I'ma call it quits now otherwise my eyes will become's tru, my mama told me so!

Peace and love

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