Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sleep Deprivation

Haven't slept one iota...still not tired....I'll be fecked tomorrow....

Well, last night was interesting if nothing else :P Dang Dang Dang :P

Louise and Summer, I love you both so very, very much :) I have needed girly company for way too long :) i LOVE chilling with you.

argh, brought tooth paste but forgot tooth brush....?? my mouth feels horrible :/

ha, whirlpooooool :D

10 black coffees with ten sugars so it doesn't taste like arse :P


'holy fuck nuggets'

this is far from being my most coherent post but it is 8.22 and i haven't slept in 25 hours....get me and my sleepifullness. i should probably put on real clothes and ditch the ruddy PJs. and moisturise with the most lush thing my skin's ever been treated with *thank you summer :)*

we were going to maybe to chocolate facials last night but they looked quite messy....and sticky and we'd have probably ended up eating the mixture *cocoa powder, butter, honey and cream....NOM* just being truthful :P wouldn't like a liar now, would y'all? so we settled for eating chocolate...and maoam and skittles....cookies....everything in sight...we drank TEA.

Come on, we are British afterall :D Wouldn't want to rock our stereotype boat :D

Which reminds me...I'm off to wales in a few weeks :) very much looking forward to it...and of course i'll be eating leeks, picking daffodils, getting muddy and getting up to no good with sheep.

....because i'm welsh :D oh yes. STEREOTYPES FTW.

May or may not jump off the jetty again this year considering what it did to me last year *i couldn't sit down for a week :P* i exxagerate but hurt....i had massive bruises to prove it :/ DANG

Happy Wednesday Everyone


...not really sure it that's a thing yet...just trying it out for size, you know?


aha...references :P

I reckon I'll bid you farewell right about now....i love y'all out there in Cyberspace, for reals ja??



Peace and love

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