Monday, 11 July 2011

Feel So Close

^^ Liking this song by Calvin Harris....chooooooooon :D
Could definitely see bopping to this *yes, i use the word 'bopping'....problem??* xD


note how i didn't use the word 'loving' though?? mmm, not crazy about it but if it came on at a party, i'd be first to hit the dancefloor. Literally hit it. face first.

Cuz that's how i roll.

Ha, have you seen the sushi bar in town??? It's got a new sign now and it says, 'see how we roll'


cuz it's like the saying but then you also roll sushi??? ahahahahahaha

*contented sigh*

And Today's Song From, 'Once'

So sad and beautiful. I'm going to drive you crazy with my love of this film, aren't i?

'you have broken me all the way down' O.o you know when there's a song or artist which just strikes a chord with you and it inecplicably captures you so completely?? Right now, I'm loving Glen Hansard and The Swell Season *his band*

Every song just amazes me and i know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's really fantastic to me.

I grazed my back at the water fight...i hope it gets better soon, it stings a lil but more than that it just looks so horrible :/

'maybe i was born to hold you in these arms' ahhhhhhh such sweet lyrics :)
you know when you hear something heartbreakingly beautiful?? Glen sings like every word is being forced from his heart.

anyways, i've been rambling for a while here...why did no one stop me?!?!? xD

Adam, today was awesome :D

Peace and love

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