Sunday, 3 July 2011

Was dressed nicely....

Now I am not.

Full of burger and fries *and cookie-type snackage :s* so I decided to slip into something more comfortable and not the suggestive, sassy comfortable. I'm talking trackies and oversized tee.


obviously :)

nawwww, me and mart had fun today, we went and played on the games in HMV and Game...good times....:P Also went Primark shopping :P

Today's been pretty nice, I finished 'Love Nest' last night....pretty much everyone got a happy ending...even Nick the bastard who didn't deserve one.

I feel quite bad for Karen though...she's in love with Max but she's staying with her husband Phil, who's perfectly amiable but Karen's never been in love with him :s It's best for their kids I suppose...maybe when they're older they'll be able to understand a divorce....who knows, that's a pretty big decision. part of me's glad she ended her affair but then I can't help but think she'd have been so happy with Max.

Anyways, today I began a new book, Matchbreaker, by Chris Manby...quite good but I hate the main character atm. Lindsey looks down on absolutely everyone and can't accept that her dad's happy with his new fiancé so she's going to interfer and break them up. Cow. And she was a bully at Uni...just saying....

Gonna go watch the end of the men's tennis finals...I want Nadal to win but atm that doens't look very likey :s

Peace and love

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