Sunday, 10 July 2011

I love my life :D

I went to town this morning and bought new straighteners from TKMaxx *not the pretty mini ones Summer....:(....after about 10 minutes of eeni meeni minii mo I went for a pair of practical Nicky Clarke things :P Apparently they'd been mis-labelled and weren't supposed to be on sale but that's their problem so they still sold them to me on sale price :P Yayzors* I LOVES THEM

But that's not the interesting part....

My flip flop decided to the middle of River Island :'( There was no fixing it and it was impossible to walk with a brave face and flip flops in hand I walked home bare-foot.
OH the class....

It could have been worse....I could have bumped into Mr. Taylor....oh wait....

YES. I bumped into Mr. Taylor. Bare-foot. In town.

I looked mad.

hopefully he didn't see me...but i saw him...:s

It actually could have been worse though, you see, the weather was quite nice today....had it been cold and rainy I really would have looked entirely mad bare foot.

'but kaytei, surely you wouldn't have been wearing flip flops in cold and rainy weather??'

Well. Actually, I had to wear flip flops because anything else would have been excruciating on my poor heals... :(

Ah, my wonderful life. I wouldn't have it any other way :P

Spent my afternoon doing facials with mom and then watching movies with Martin :)

Good day. Very good day. :)

Btw, Skylarks were busking in town today. Vair good :D

Peace and love
p.s had pineapple today. It was total yummers.

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