Saturday, 2 July 2011


Mark Kermode off of the Big British Castle gave Larry Crowne a bad review >:[
grrrrrrr I haven't seen it, so i has no real opinion BUT

It is produced by, directed by, co-written by and starring Tom Hanks.

Tom Freaking Hanks :O

...also has Julia Roberts....

They are my two favourite actors EVER. I like a lot of actresses and actors but I LOVE these two.
Furthermore, in all of the promo interviews I've read/heard Tom Hanks doing, he's so fricking passionate about it; as though he hasn't spent hours already talking about the film before....

Anyways....what I'm trying to convey is that I would quite like to see this film...

Buttery Biscuit Base


Martin and me are going to Burger King tomorrow :D

we do very Surrey....

I love saying that we 'do lunch'....I feel so grown up....even if it is only burgers xD

Work was fairly dull today....did some sweeping...and some wiping....stacking...cling-filming...
had a prawn mayo sandwich...and some apple juice...and a fruit shoot...

Basically, today came and went without anything really memorable occuring, but I can live with that. If I had stuff to remember every single day then I'd forget more than I already do...

Maybe I'll read through my 2007 diary tomorrow...I found it when I was clearing my room ready for my new bed the other week. I'd like to review the me of 4 years ago, see how much I've changed :P
Almost finished my book :)

Hope you had a great day, it was lovely and sunny!!

Peace and love

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