Friday, 15 July 2011



BBQ and bonfire and sleepover avec mes amies Summer, Louise, Talitha, Harvey, Daniel, Pete and Adam :D

I loves yaz all very much....esp. Summer because this is your party and it's epic and you made me coffee so that i could stay awake through all of this :D *so much better than lying on the sofa....or curling up in the couch*

esp. when there is talk of cattle prodding me and sticking me in chimney...?!?!?! reverse santa...ahahahahaha

Not sure how much I've eaten today but i'm feeling pretty good :) I's had much salady stuffle 'n' junk so it balances....ahaha.....

Nicki Minaj *neé Leighton* SUPERBASS

this post makes little to no sense....but that's okay, it is a quarter to 4 in das morgan....

ah, mixing languages...because i'm cultured... :D

nyan cat dubstep. i dare you. not even kidding....



keyboard smash

breaking face with aching smush fest maga wotsit mush ling dooga da

i should probably sleep but i don't want to...i just don't want know like that woman in The Invention of Lying who's standing outside of her office block just dithering and saying 'i don't wanna go in....i just don't....'

call me woman one more time. say it one more time and your head is going up his ass.....


'jizz everywhere....bam headshot...'

i've found tonight that i'm a rather gullible person..feck a frag a lacka


everyone told me that there was a hot air balloon and i believed them....mean people ...cruel really

Peace and love

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