Thursday, 21 July 2011

Good Movies

So I've seen several good films recently:

The Green Hornet
Keeping Mum

Okay, so...
Elizabethtown, out a few years ago, I'd say around ****
Stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom, two of my most favourite actors :) It's a really sweet, touching film, definitely aimed more towards women than men but that's fine!! The score's lovely and there are some truly hilarious moments....good for a girly night in.

The Green Hornet. *****
I fragging loved this film.
Stars Seth Rogan one of my all time favourite PEOPLE, not just of the acting world: EVER!
Also got some great acting skillage from the gorgeous Cameron Diaz.
Very funny, some fantastic action sequences, i think it was rated 12a or summat so it can pretty much be enjoyed by everyone. I'd recommend this for a great date movie.

Keeping Mum ***
Offbeat Comdey. As a lot of you know, I'm really not a fan of offbeat comedy's as generally they're just NOT all....this one? Actually, pretty darn good :P
The paper only gave this ** but it's definitely better than that. Stars the marvelous Liz Smith and late, great Patrick Swayze. There's some has the potential of being dark but it's just a very fun film actually...not sure what certificate this was given but i watched it with my family and enjoyed it very much. There's some partial not for a younger audience!

Bridesmaids ****
Chris O'Dowd as the romantic lead....i'm SO happy this finally happened!! I've loved him since the first episode of The IT Crowd!! This film was HILARIOUS and I saw it with a guy who found it pretty darn funny as well. So any preconceptions of this being a chick-flick can be thrown to the curb. There are some but it's a blooming good film. I would say that everyone should see this film but I know not everyone will like, teens and up. It's a 15 so that makes sense. I think this would work as a date movie but also, just chilling with a bunch of friends or whatever :P

Finished reading I Love You Beth to watch the film and compare xD

Today was a really great day :)

Peace and love

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