Saturday, 16 July 2011

Had a menage á trois....


This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got home and went to that never happened xD

Epic bbq and bonfire/ sleepover with Louise, Harvey, Tilly, SUMMER, Adam, Pete and Daniel :D

Just so epic.

too. much. awesome.

So, in order to regain universal balance today was crap. :) I know i keep going on about this but i's because i want sympathy....


my hours today :'( It was busy and boring and everything aches. I'm so fragging tired.

Tomorrow is going to rock my world :'D That's all i carried on for today :P Working today paid for my guilfest tomorrow and i can't wait!!!

Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Deborah *neither of whom actually read this but still....*

Four years today!!! :D Ange actually made a necklace for Deborah!!! How sweet is that?? Gosh, my big brother is really thoughtful :) He also got Lush stuff for her....'nawwwwww :P
He bought beads for it in the Aluissa Bead Shop *name drop* in town.
btw, i recommend this shop if you're into crafty/textiley stuff...there's so muhc variety and it genuinely is awesome and actually pretty good value for a unique and personal gift....ok, advertising over :D

i can't think of anything interesting to say....

Peace and love

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