Monday, 25 July 2011

The Lovely Bones

Finally saw this film!! Everyone's been talking about it for ages so I watched it when it came on the telly box last night. I welled up a few times because it is just that sad...I kept trying to remind myself that this was fiction, but that just made it worse because horrific things like this really do happen. Saoirse Ronan *apologies if I've spelt that reeeeeeeaaaally badly* was incredible. I can't believe that she's so darn young. She played Susie Salmon, the victim of a serial killer, on her journey to the Otherside. Whilst being stuck in the, 'Inbetween' she finds out the truth of her killer and relives the barbaric assaults upon herself and also the killer's other victims. Ultimately, Susie must decide between vengeance and allowing her family to heal.
Stanley Tucci plays the chilling killer, hats off to this man. It takes a pretty talented actor to be able to play such a cold, unrelatable character, especially to play him to such a high standard.
It's directed by Peter Jackson, the only other PJ film I know of is the new King Kong which came out around 2005. Pardon my ignorance. However, I couldn't see any similarities between the two pieces. Obviously, I don't have a trained critic's eye, nor do the films themselves really share any similarity in plot or there could lie the reason for not immediately sussing that this was Peter Jackson. In fact, if I were really to be so bold, I would even suggest that the style in The Lovely Bones was more reminiscent of Michel Gondry....but I digress...
This film is a visually stunning, beautifully shot work of cinematic brilliance. It's touching and heart-breaking. I'd give this a 4* but honestly, prepare to cry!

So, not too much happened after coming home yesterday...I planned on falling asleep...but couldn't until about midnight *which is too late for me* So I'm still pretty tired this morning, however, I've only been up an hour and I've had 2 portions of fruit *3 to go xD* and I'm currently in the library, as I'm out and about :P
Have you ever been into the garden just to the right of the Guildford Library? It's very beautiful. rather quiet, peaceful, a good place for contemplation and reflection. If you're around the Guildford area, I recommend this spot...perfect for escaping the hubub of modern living.
Adam's coming to mine in a few hours....if he's awake...:P x

Have a wonderful day!

Peace and love

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