Tuesday, 9 August 2011

With recent and ongoing riots...

it feels a lil trivial to be writing about anything else :/ Obviously the riots began for a reason *respectable or not, i won't deem* but now it's just spreading and seems as though it really is merely a greed driven celebration of violence and the insightment of hatred. It began in Tottenham and now it's all over Hackney, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool. What is this? The news is showing interviews with some people involved in the riots saying that the police are pushing them around, demanding respect, saying it should be earnt....they'll respect the police when the police respect them blah blah blah.... But, seriously, how can respect be expected by people burning cars, looting shops, destroying cities...simply for the sake of it?? IDEFK...I just hope it ends soon, if it gets to Guildford I'll be bloody pissed off.

In happier news...

Spent the afternoon with the rather marvelous Hayley :) It was just a fantastic, girly shopping trip :P It was as though we'd seen each other two weeks ago, instead of two years. We were barely talking about the past, just chatting generally and having a laugh in the here and now. I'm going to admit it, i was properly nervous about seeing her again...because people change and it's not unfounded to worry that someone you used to know so well could become someone you don't recognise....it's happened so often before :s but anyways, she's still just as lovely as ever and today really was pretty brilliant :P
btw, Godalming College lot, she's going there!! so be nice :) i'm sure you'll love her, she's like a smarter, sweeter, politer version of me...is it arrogant to be saying i see a lot of myself in her? i don't know...I just feel as though biology isn't everything when it comes to family and sometimes in life you can meet you sister. Cheesey. but true!

Hope you've had a beautiful day

Peace and love

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