Monday, 8 August 2011

when I whip out my big 10 inch...


mwa ha ha.

gotta love innuendo...and oldschool awesomeosity like Aerosmith

can't believe Steve Tyler is now a judge on American Idol....crying shame

i'm getting an urge to do some painting....actually, i'm totally gone do that right now....if i can find everything xD There's a movie on called Blade...mommy wants to watch it...might half watch it, whilst i'm painting :)

I'm catching up with Hayley tomorrow, she was my best friend from lil lil school and we barely ever see each other any more so it'll be awesome to hang out :D hoping it won't be awkward, also hoping it doesn't rain :/ rain's always a downer...

Rode my bike for the first time in eons. well, my mom's bike's better than mine but the lowest her seat goes is my waist height so it's a right pain to get on and off of O.o maow. didn't mean to flick the V at you, adam, but seriously, i wasn't being modest when i told you i'm crap at rising my was in fact an understatement...i got close to mowing down so many pedestrians :s and i didn't stop at any traffic lights....i'm just a terrible person really. sorry :/

come on come on come on come on TAKE IT. take another lil piece of my heart.....


Peace and love
p.s shine sing love sorrow sickness worry wonder delight delictation derision desperation

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