Sunday, 7 August 2011

This was amazing late last night....


Because, this time, it's not censored. Hells Yeah :D

Argh, I should NOT write when i'm in a bad mood because the next day I always feel loads better and then come across all bi-polar -_-'

I'm back in Guildford :P Got a lil stuck in traffic....massive crash :/ hope everyone's alright :/

but it didn't hold us up too much, got back about 20 to five...i think :P Guess I'm glad to be back, it'll be nice sleeping in my own bed in my own room again. And of course, i can catch up with everyone i haven't seen in way too long.

btw, i'm loving Parachutes by Charlie Simpson...just sorta in love with him actually xD aha


can't think of much to say....after a week away, i'm pretty zapped. I don't think i've ever used the word 'zapped' peculiar. meh.

I'm gonna end here before I ramble too much :P can't wait to see you all again. i miss you

Peace and love

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