Friday, 26 August 2011

It's been almost a week!

Dearest Blogisphere,
I apologise deeply for my absence, although inexcusable, I offer a reason for my lacking in posts of late....



Quick catch up

Had epic sleepover with Summer and Hattie *I love you guys :')* We made two straight guys kiss....:D with brilliant persuasion *is that how it's spelt...looks wrong :S* Had one massive jelly shot xD Got asked out....?!
Hattie fraped me. >:[

'if i get All A's i will strip in the courtyard ;)'

8 people liked it and no one seemed to realise that i hadn't posted it -_-' argh


I was in denial that results day was approaching but somewhere between Hattie's and school it dawned on me and my heart was beating so fast, i swear i thought it would just give out xD
I'm very pleased with my results, I don't think i could personally have done better than I did and considering some of the waffle wrote about fairies and pixies *seriously-not kidding* in english I'm ecstatic with my grade :D

Then onwards to Harvey's pool party :P The day began with bleek greyness and seemingly endless rain, however, the sky's leaky tap was mended and thus the sun raised his smiling face :D yayayayyayayayayayay
We were so lucky with the weather, and being british, I really appreciate the sunshine :) It was so good to catch up with everyone as well and no one was too down about their grades so it was just an awesome celebration :D Many thanks to Harvey for hosting it and just being bloody brilliant in general!! Rock band was hilarious....ah, such good times. I loved the pool too...and our acoustic tent xD
Gosh, I just don't want it to end.

Then I slept over at Adam's :) Fisrt time seeing him in a week and a half :'(!!! We had an indian takeaway *my first ever takeaway xD* and a bottle of champagne :P embarrassed to admit that one glass made me feel a lil light headed *i know, i know, i'm ridiculously light weight....BUT the bubbles in champagne make it go to your head faster so it's not totally my fault.....:P*
Lovely night :) He gave me a bracelet and a lil amethyst tree, they're so pretty and i love them :)
Randomly woke up about 4am so i went downstairs to get a drink and also retrieved david's hipflask from the fire place :P ahahahaha Then went back to bed and accidentally kicked adam awake...sorry...Went back to sleep and got up about 7, got ready and then went back to sleep til about 8.30 when i left to get to mine to change for work, got soaked walking from the bus stop to my house :( maow. ah wells, lil smattering of hydration won't kill me...yet. I just like saying 'yet'
don't ask me why xD

Work was...busy. I was on till as well :( Kevin's determined to train me up inside and it was major stressful :/ I forgot to ask for the table number 3 times and that pissed Shaun off :( Shaun's usually a proper decent *innit* guy but when he's angry he is intimidating :s maow...
Woek again tomorrow, the only thing that's keeping me going is knowing that i'll soon be able to afford my netbook :)

In other EPIC news:
It is 1 month til my birthday :P The countdown has begun. Expect constant updates.

Anyways, I've probably bored you far too much, Hope your days shine with smiles of the soul.

Peace and love

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