Wednesday, 31 August 2011

BCLC, Pinky and The Brain, Santa, Nigella Lawson, Can I Butter Your Baguette?

I honestly have no idea anymore...I think i left my mind in bed this morning.

ah, tommy, tried to inquire about the frame but i couldn't get an answer....might just take's been there FIVE days!! Now, stop punching toddlers...remember, next time you get The Urge, get to bURGEr King. Ahhh, product placement in blogging, much loves :P

The nights are long but the years are short when you're alive....

This song really strikes me somewhere deep in here *prods own chest :s* O.o

Met David, Tingda and Tommy *appreciate that I alphabetized you....* in town for House Drama-ish stuff. Such a laugh and i'm really, really glad I came because I'm now part of it :P gutted i missed the first one!

AND THEN SHE JOGGED. found this one really tiring :s should get a pedometer to see how far i go...
or not.

oooh, did more painting....looking more like a painting, less like a blob now :P

mmmm, today i've nurtured my mind, body and soul, i'm a total guru xD


Peace and love

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