Monday, 29 August 2011

Just living is not enough

I must have sunshine and freedom

Quoting FatFace ftw xD

And as i breathe a final breath, please press your lips to mine, I'll love you now and for the next eternity, we're nowhere near the end just breaking past one more line.
I'm leaving.
Don't follow.
I can/'t promise you, it's for the best, i swear. Remember, with each new breath i breathe, your name will fill a world without air.
It's fun to love the lie, it's more to give up. Let's call it quits when the rain comes anddoesdoesdoesn't stoppp. I throw you a jacket. I'll throw you a ring. I'll throw myself overboard. I'm glad i dododon't swim. I'll pray I'm drowning and you can wait if you like, i won't be too long now. I guess i must be moving but you're moving too. Good. My lights are fading.
Cue silence.
Enter gloom.
Stage right. They're staring.
Stage Left. Still staring.
Everyone that remains... Scarring a world you created, I'll miss you.
Wash me away, slit my parachute, snap the wire. Who knows, maybe I'll be taken too. Maybe I'll be fine/ i'll fly.
It's fun to love a lie.

For now, I'm just trying to learn how to say goodbye.

Wake me up, unshackle my bones, tip my axis. I need a remix. I'm....losing. I'm so sorry. I forgot.

Today was a great day :) Infact, it was MOST TRIUMPHANT. :P gosh, it was cold coming home...should have worn my clothes....should have listened to my folks xD see you tomorrow?

have a glorious tomorrow
Peace and love

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