Monday, 15 August 2011

Tangled tongues choke a change


Caught up with ma bud Tommy today :D been a while man!! :') great seeing you again. We watched The Notebook...and I almost cried :s Great film...I think a fell a lil in love with Noah that crazy SOB xD

We made a you do....

Tommy made me a bagel xD Bagels are goooooood

omgosh. A bumblebee flew into my head...that buzzled on my left arm for a lil while before flying away...i would have been able to waft it away before its kamakahzi *can't spell...sue me...not literally, i'm poor :)* attack but i was on meeee bike :P I'm totally loving my bike xD it's the bestest thing right now, i can go places, far moe efficiently than i could before...cycling in the rain is interesting. not unpleasant, rather refreshing but fairly cold in my lil puds :s woggle.

omgosh, chilis coming to london in november....i could die happy if i saw them live.

Peace and love


  1. do you know how much tickets are you could totally go see them...XDXDXDXD

  2. dunno, gonna look into it for sure!! last time they toured britain was a V long time ago, so if i didn't go this time, who knows if i'd ever gett o see them?? xxx