Saturday, 20 August 2011

Thank You Summer and Hattie :)

They came to visit me at work today and even though I only saw them for a ridiculously short time, it was a lovely break in the monotony of my day!

Should have enough money to buy my netbook by next week...although it won't get put into my account until the week after *hrumph* but still, the aim was to have ma netbook by the time i return to County and that seems pretty acheivable *yayzors*

why do good girls fall in love with me? :P

Went for a jog when i got in from work today :) always feel awesome after my jog...and i actually really enjoy doing it to...listening to great music, appreciating the view, feeling blood raging through my veins, sweat prickling my skin, my mind running all over the place whilst my feet remain focused after each reminds me i'm alive...and that's never a bad thing!

reckon i'll go to oxfam tomorrow...i haven't been in ages and i love going round charity shops because there's so much stuff....loads of different style clothes and awesome books 'n' trinket-y-things that you just can't find in run of the mill retailers that only sell one season's worth of stuff at a time...i just love that the stock's forever changing...

so yeah :P

I hate making milkshakes...although i'm quite good at it after all this practice :P
really hate making flat whites -_-' they are the worst of drinks. stupid name as well.


I have pancakes! I'll bid you farewell

Hope you're feeling marvelous

Peace and love

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