Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today has been so very wonderful

I got up at about ten this morning, ate soup with bread and then had a banana and two digestive biscuits and drank a glass of peach squash. Then I headed out to meet Elin *at 12* and we walked to Tommy's house *about 1.10* where we PAINTED his room :) I wrecked my shorts; i got paint on my bum somehow :S Also wrecked my tights...and got paint on the sleeve of my jumper too...I'm clever.
Tommy fired a paint-dipped leopard at the wall and it splashed paint on me xD
and I signed his wall with a snail doing a wheelie....and there was a moment with The Secret Spoon xDDD
There were so many "that's what she said"'s mwahahahahaha
Then me 'n' elin made a quick stop by her house and she leant me some jeans and a belt and she got a sandwich since she hadn't eaten's about 4.30 ish at this time and I also raided her cupboards and nicked some crunchy nut clusters *DANG THEY'RE SO GOOD*
We walked back to town about half five and she went to Matt's place and I had to get home :/

my feet kinda ache now :S
I developed a head ache mid afternoon and it's being pretty persistant in pissing me off but Richard just kissed it better over MSN so it's not too bad :D

Peace and LOVE

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