Saturday, 3 April 2010

This, That and The Other

So much keeps happening that I sometimes wonder whether it's accidental. There's no way destiny had any role in this chaos.
bleurgh. i looked in the mirror this morning and then looked away.
I've brushed my hair. I have plaited it.

I have eaten.

I cut some hair.

I walked around town.

I've read that Bella's daughter's called Renesmee Carlie Cullen. It's okay I suppose.

yeah, not a lot is happening. at least i know who i can count on. I've got some amazing friends. and some who don't give a damn :P but i'm me. yup. I. Am. Me. I'm not where i want be right now and I'm not exactly happy but in two days I'll be home; really home. I miss my family. They're so much of everything. I miss them. Just two days and I'll be home again.
We're not staying all that long...I should be back by 11th or something...but i don't know!

ah wells. I'll meet some one at uni in Bangor and they won't mind coming along with me to hunt out some family of mine from Australia and it won't matter to him that I'm short and kinda squat or that my hair doens't really have a style and he won't care that I don't know where I'm going with this. and i...
I'm rambling again. You've got to stop me when I do that.
I'm going to see Steven!!! He hasn't seen me since I was a baby! My lovely cousin Steven. and Vicky too and her SON!!! Is he my second cousin? I've never been too sure of all of that. which is a pity. but not pitiful.

Peace and love i so want what caroline and harvey have got


  1. Where are you? You in Wales?
    I'm always here for you if you need me (:

  2. nope, I'm here for another two's almost over so one more day really; then i'm off to wales :)
    btw, i love how you do your smilies the other way around-->> (:

  3. ok well have a good time in Wales. Hope the family is ok (:
    Haha thanks. Smilies that are like this :) annoy me, they look gay. So i put them this was rounf (: