Monday, 5 April 2010

Cymru!! Mark Two!!

I got up at eight this morning; we left at about nine and arrived here in Holyhead at about 2 this afternoon!! I'm smug. Best time we've ever gotten; we used a new route this time and it was great and despite the bank holiday threat of traffic; the roads were really clear. i was bursting when we arrived though...didn't stop for a loo break like we usually do :S
We've already had dinner so I'll probably be really hungry later...o:
It sucks about the reason. "sucks" being the best effort I can offer at expressing what i feel right now since i'm an emotionally empty teenager...BUT it's good to be home. I step outside and I can smell the sea and I can take a walk down there in two it.
My grandparents have sky and I swear that one of those channels plays The Land Before Time *cartoon dinosaur dudes* on a loop...seriously. It's on all of the time!!

Blades of Glory's on tonight...I'm so watching that...I LOVE Jon Heder xDD
Hope everyone has fun in town tomorrow!

"When the moon stops shining
and the sun stops rising,
and the truth keeps lying,
I'll still be waiting here for you
because together we'll pull through"

DID YOU KNOW??!?!?! Banananananananas don't actually contain Seratonin...they really contain some kinf of protein called terafin or something and your body turns that into Seratonin when you eat it. cool, eh?
not really?

I'll see you on the other side

Peace and love
p.s oh no!!! i just's only going to be definitely open for another year...then it might get shut down :O

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