Thursday, 15 April 2010


Jacob got a little too excited around the AFRODUCK!!! Although...AFRODUCK is pretty immense xD
Today there was SUNSHINE so we sat by the river and chatted and cucked water at each other...well...some people did...others dodged out of the way... :D
Hattie went shopping.... -_-' take forever... she bought awesome jeggings from new look and a t-shirt from Superdry...I won't say anything...
I got to see Louise today! First time in eons!!! xD
oooh and I bought some new body spray today :D I was intending on buying the natural collection *at boots* vanilla which is £1.99 for 150ml but then i saw that all the fcuk stuff was a third off so I checked that out and ended up buying a 150ml thingy for just 99p. i was pleased:)
I wore red war stripes today. why? because i'm at war with conformities xD
I haven't worn proper make-up *as in anything but face paint* in 9 days...I'm quite proud of myself actually! I got so used to hiding behind all that crap but now i'm going au natural :) ooooooooooooooop :) besides 'tis good to get some sunny, right?? as long as you screen-up man :P

Peace and love


  1. So hold definition...I was wearing more make-up than you today?

    What the hell!?

    XD And btw, can you change the title to 'Afroduck!!!!! PHWWWOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR!'

  2. Ahaha Tommy you wore more make up than a girl... That's quite worrying!