Saturday, 17 April 2010

i missed so much

I woke up really late and wasted many hours of precious Sunny :(
I'm gonna take some books outside and do some revision on the grass...there's no way i'm gonna lock myself in my room on a day like this. I shall take out my exercise mat too...not for exercise...i just want somewhere comfy to sit is all xD I may even take some incense sticks out, shove 'em in the ground 'n' light 'em up....I could take my iPod and speaker dock too...yeah, there's no reason why I can't go some way to making revision bearable, is there, now?
I'm stuffed, I just had a massive lunch and I didn't getbup all that long ago so it wasn't long since i'd had breakfast either...ah wells.
two thousand years i've been awake...

I <3 Taylor Momsen xD

Peace and love darlin'

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