Sunday, 4 April 2010

Penny for your thoughts?

I'm feeling generous; I'll give you mine for free (:
Yup, so Matt Smith as Dr. Who debuted on the Big British Castle last night and I reckon he's pretty darn good and his new side kick Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan seems to be holding her own too :D He's shambolic and marvellous and she's sassy and centred. love it. I reckon that one of my favey parts from last night was Dr. Who re-tasting all of the foods he once loved when he wore his tenth face but discovering that apples were now far from being amongst his favourite things. However, I think that his liking of something so kooky as fish fingers in custard was a little predictable and a preference of something a little more mundane would have been more entertaining. Plus, any lil kids watching him eating broccoli with gusto way be more likely to eat his/her greens when next sat at the dining table. just a thought.

I'm aiming to finish reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment from the Twilight saga, this afternoon. I'm rather enjoying the book and think that this final *official* episode could be the best of the bunch, however, I really don't think that it deserves the attention it's been getting.
J. K. Rowling fans don't shoot me, please, but I'd liken the fame of Twilight to that of the Harry Potter series. It's over commercialised and in my eyes undeserving. I've given Harry Potter a go and the books are pretty good but I got half way through the fifth one and gave up because i got so bored of her writing style. Sorry. Just my opinion. Anyway, back to Twilight...It is pretty good, I'm quite engrossed in the plot line at this present moment in time, however, I don't think it's the sort of book I'd bother to read a second time around. The films are not amazing, they're mediocre at best; if you really want to understand the craze you need to read the books.
So, although I don't condone the ridiculous amount of publicity this latest fad has; I guess I'd have never read it unless I'd have heard about it due to all of the hype it's been given.

My iPod's working!! It froze on the Dave Gorman *love him* podcast and I had to look at the troubleshooting guide online to fix it but everything appears to be rather ticketyboo at the moment. hurrah.

I had chicken chow mein for dinner last night *love it so much*

Hattie texts odd things...

errrrrrrrrm...I had a dream in which I had many, many clothes and they were glorious and wonderful...but i couldn't decide what to wear so I ended up in a jumper and old jeans. Choice can cloud good judgment I suppose. However, I'm wearing that jumper and old jeans now. comfy :)

Ooooh, it's Easter!!! very nearly, but not completely forget to say Happy Easter! Eat chocolate but not too much!
I gave up biscuits for lent and hadn't eaten any in 46 days but then I ate them for breakfast this morning. I had a rich tea *LOVE those* a malted milk *meh* a custard cream *those are pretty good* a bourbon *they don't actually taste like chocolate!* and an Oreo *mmmmm* oh and a ginger nut *xD*

...and then I felt sick...

Maybe I won't eat biscuits again for a long time.

My body's finally thought up a way of making me stop eating unhealthily, junk food gives my mouth a claggy, uncomfortable feeling and it hurts my throat. how peculiar.

On Thursday I had real chips from a chippy *aptly named Fish & Chips xD* and they were gooooooooood :D For me, nothing makes me feel more British than when I shun cruddy McDonald's *BLEURGH* fries in favour of the humble chip.

Even after watching Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds I asked for vinegar on my chips...all of those lovely vinegar eels. yummy. :S I usually hate vinegar but it tastes different at the chippy doesn't it??

This has been a long one without much of a point so if you've actually been bothered to read this far then you deserve a gold star...unfortunately I have no gold stars so you'll have to go and buy your own if you're really that set on getting one....
ANYWAY, thank you for reading, lovely people!!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday
Peace and love

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