Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Not so ill :D

"We see ya girls checkin' out our trunks
We see you girls checkin' out the front of our trunks
we see you girls lookin' at our junk, then checkin' out our rumps, then back to our sugalumps"

I'm feeling better today!!

Brett Mazckenzie and Jemaine Clement...I'd so tap that :P

btw....well...not really by the way...on a completely unrelated topic...did anyone hear about Gordon Brown calling that lady Bigoted?? ooooooooooooh. It just reinforces the whole thing about him being a bully...

On the note of bullies...WATERSTONES!!!! Why have desks all laid out for research and work upstairs when your snooty staff just chuck anyone doing work out??!?!?!?!?!?! from now on, i'll be buying my books elsewhere and I urge my followers to do the same.
suck on that Waterstones. WHSmith is better.

I've eaten 500 calories over the past two days...but i'm eating dinner in a moment :) so that's good!!!
My tummy looked so weirdly empty this morning...kinda freaked me out a bit actually. I weighed 8st 9.2lb when i got in from school today. if i had more will power i might be able to work on getting down to 8st but whenever i come close at all i get terrible cravings. ah wells...could be worse...i could be puking like i was yesterday :/

hahahaha gordon brown's on the news right now...hahahahaha. fooooooool. really think labour's gonna get in now??! eejit.

Peace and love

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  1. I really thought had written 'I'll burn my books elsewhere thank you', in that case I would have mentioned that they might be slightly more glad at you leaving than you think...