Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Rob has hairy legs...

it's true; he does!!
untell the end of the week, i vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
i reserve the right to not answer anything i deem to be overly personal, upsetting or downright rude, sound fair?? starting tomorrow xD
i dare you to do the same xD
i can't edit emails :'(

Peace and love
p.s i keep having to tell martin to sing the radio friendly version of Riverside as opposed to the rather crude, "mofo" uncensored one...hmmm....
CRAP!!! i have PE tomorrow :( i don't like it very much at all...i'm praying that we're not starting athletics yet...however, i've come up with another reason as to why I don't like running, what's the point of racing through life? i'm not in a hurry. i'd rather take my time and appreciate the view...
I'll tell you if that works on any of my PE teachers when they're making me run laps...
how do teachers expect us to revise properly when they're still setting us loads of h/w??! grrrrrrrr. makes me blood boil. gross. boiled blood...plah.
p.p.s. the title of this blog is actually written on each of my last twenty posts as white so as it's are hidden :P


  1. Kaytei, it's about time you realise every (or at least most) year 10 boys have hairy legs. Jaffar, for example, has quite a thick coating.


    I have nothing more to say.

  2. boys wear trousers lots though and neither of my brothers or my dad's that hairy :S xD
    i have nothing more to say either...
    well...that's not true but i haven't the time in which to say it all. :O

  3. when did you see my legs?
    And yes, they are sexily hairy. No shame.