Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I can't remember ever feeling this bad before

i went to bed at four, got up at nine. cried.
mum washed my hair for me :)
I'm really, really very ill. i dunno whether i'll be in school tomorrow or not. I'm exhausted and even the though of food right now is making me feel sick. I threw up twice today *yay* and i haven't eaten anything. i feel and look like luke-warm death.
i need to get better. I haven't missed a day of school in fecking years and i can't miss the mock exam prep that we're doing; i really need it and there's not a chance in hell that i'm not going to see macbeth on friday...i've been looking forward to it for far too long now. and i've never been to the Globe before...i really want to go.

send up a prayer in my name
Peace and love


  1. Awwwww damnit, Kaytei! Ye've Tommy's sympathy, that really does suck. Being ill is terrible, but the good thing is your Immune system nearly always wins (Middle-set science still educates *nods, sagely.*)

    Well, incase your not in school today, get better soon! And yeah...I'll try and post you a prayer on the next cloud.

  2. aw, thanks tommy :) i really appreciate it :D
    yesterday was the worstest but i'm feeling so, so much better today...my head's still a tidbit wooshy and i feel really tired but i'm no longer going sick!!! xD

  3. Well, that was a waste of a sympathetic lecture, you were fine today :S Haha, ah well, glad ur better anyway.

    Gonna click on that smiley face now :D