Thursday, 8 April 2010


I haven't lost all respect for the convention of conforming to the standardised days of the week. DO NOT FEAR! I'm merely thinking of Monday...
I've eaten chocolate bar after cereal bar after chocolate bar after cereal bar after crisps and biscuits and pizza and...allsorts. Beginning Monday, I plan on being just a tidbit healthier :) I'm gonna start on Monday's the start of a new week and it just seems appropriate...

I need to dig out joggers or jeans that I don't mind wrecking...Tommy knows why...shouldn't be too hard anyways.
Thanks Elin!!! I'm sooooo glad you replied to my email last night :DDDD I'm useless at maps, honestly; useless.

i really want my hair to grow longer :/

mwahahahahahaha. I ought to get a shower in a mo, really so ta-ta 'n' ATJ!

Peace and love

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