Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Analyse This

I dreampt that I had rectangular scars on my ankles, wrists and one massive one along my pelvis. I'd always known the scars so they didn't bother me but then I found a box of keys that opened up the scars as though they were little doors...and my mum had never mentioned that they opened. So I asked her about it and she told me that I had some rare condition called a 'featherline' as a baby and I needed them to fix me...
But I was still annoyed that she'd never told me so I opened up all of the scars and kept them open and blood slipped out.
I had to cross over a very thin, high up platform to get to where i was going...everyone was there and they were calling me across but i was afraid of falling and I was still bleeding and I couldn't do I sat on the other side from them. On my own. Bleeding from those little scars. They all looked really happy :s

That's not the first time I've dreampt of things like that...which is peculiar...anyone have a clue what it might mean??

Bought a couple of tops today, nice and simple for the summertime :) Also got fish and chips with martin :P that was gooooooooood!

Peace and love


  1. Not sure about the blood thing, but it could be that you haven't been told about certain things and now that you've found out they're affecting you badly. As for the second part, everyone is going to something new and you're a bit hesitant and scared of the change.

    Last night, I dreamt that these people locked me in a giant underground freezer with the skeletons of their ancestors... I need some help with that.

  2. ooh, well, skeletons are an omnen of death, obviously and death is often a symbol of change as it signifies the end of one thing and possibly a rebirth, so there's a big change coming for you *godalming?* also the fact that you've been locked there might mean that it's inevitable....i dunno really...i quite like discussing dreams though :D xx

  3. So it isn't literal?

    *sigh of relief*