Sunday, 26 June 2011


Never learnt how to spell that word, why bother now?

Just looked through a disk of photos from years ago....:P so many things I don't even remember doing....such awful night clothes....a centre parting?!?!? dang, my hair was short as well!! It was just over my shoulders, so it must have been from about year 7/8 because I remember wanting a change...I wanted my hair REALLY folks didn't...we met in the middle :) There were pictures of my old house too, it was a bungalow with gorgeous bay windows and a porch and we had a massive hanging basket over it, and flower beds bursting with colour. The grass looked so lush and green, i can almost remember the smell and feel of it when I used to lie in it reading...I'm sooo gutted I can't go back there. Ever. I love living in guildford but I spent the first 12 years of my life there...and then some developer knocked it down :/ They cut down our beautiful magnolia tree and everything...the flowers were soooo stunning in full bloom and I remember hiding behind it, having water fights with my brothers :P we'd go on our trampoline and get real hot bouncing and shoving each other and then we'd jump into our lil paddling pool to cool off....dang...those were good days...

Today's beautiful. I hope this sunshine's here to stay...if only for a lil while, i'm covered in sun cream so I'm definitely gonna be strolling round later...mmmmm. maybe i'll do some cooking, haven't done any in a while.
HECK i know what i wanna do....I'm going to finish a painting I started about a year ago xD I got distracted and then I just didn't get any time...

ha, just told my mom I was gonna geta boob job after having kids and she said not to bother cuz they grow when you have kids anyway but i said they'd be all floppy and she said that's fine, just fling them over your shoulders....*cringe* I love ma moomin xD

Happy Day

Peace and love

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  1. Damn that does sound good. You know I can't help wondering what my childhood would have been like with siblings. xx