Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well, according to google it's the first day of Summer!!

and children, you know what that means for us Britts, right?


we don't care what the weather actually looks like, as long as it's officially summer, that's enough for us to strip to the bare essentials and Rock this Mother Hubbard. I went there, oh yes i did.

I'm a little bit hyper.

I'm off out to withdraw my life's savings and buy a ticket for the soonest flight. Anywhere. I'm not taking any luggage. I figure, cash and cards could get stolen, baggage gets lost and mobile cost a fortune abroad so I'll live out of bins for my first evening but try to entice a wealthy gentleman caller with my womanly ways into paying for my accomodation as well as my clothes and food. For the record, by 'womanly ways' I'm referring to making him a sandwich as I will have of course secured a steady, but low, income working in a grotty sandwich bar. Of course, wealthy gentleman callers aren't famous for being interested in grotty sandwich bars, but he will catch my eye through the window and gallop in upon a noble steed. Yes, my wealthy gentleman caller is skilled in riding a horse, what's unusual about that?? and horses are allowed in the grotty sandwich bar...

do you know what? I've changed my mind...I reckon I might just stay home today...

Peace and love

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