Saturday, 25 June 2011

:'D I'm so happy


The past few days have been the best so, maybe not ever but right now i'm putting them right up there on the *Feck-Awesome* shelf :D

Hattie was amazing to invite me :) and her b'day plans were soooo good, i LOVED madame Tussaurds and our evening the night before :P and i love you hattie :D

Then sleeping over with a bunch or rank teenage guys....I have boy germs :'(
*kidding* I had such a frack-brilliant time...even though i was the butt of a lot of sexist jokes...but that's fine :P I like making sandwiches xD EAT THAT YOU MOTHER HUBBARDS.
I'm shamefully bad at shooting zombies though....i'll go sit in the corner...anyone got a Dunce hat?



can't believe, i almost forgot to say this, it's really important...something big's happening on 19th September *one week prior to another incredibly important date...ahem...*


Oh. Yes.

It's true!!! My mama told me so, I haven't googled it to make sure but i have no reason to doubt moomin's words of wisdom :D

Working inside again today....'twas alright....had to clean the loos again...and mop....they're so picking on me....xD *i'm such a victim, i need attention, LOVE ME* fecked up an order today :s sean was bugged....but then he fecked up too....everyone makes mistakes :s

I think I'm about done, love you guys, honest i do :P you make my life like 100 *million* times better.

adam, we need to have another sleepover!! i'll see you on tuesday?? xxx

Peace and love


  1. If it makes you feel better I've got work tomorrow as well. :/

  2. awwww :( hope it goes okay!! it's only for a lil bit though, then you can chill in the sunshine :D xxxx