Saturday, 28 May 2011

I usually don't like this sorta thing...

But I'm LIVING for this track:

I'd forgotten how much i liked Calvin Harris!
It is the absolute funk to wake up to, esp when it's early and the sky's grey. The music waves penetrate the darkness and bring colour everywhere they seep. sexual.

sorry, that was inappropriate :P

Mom's making a that :D

and, guess who was on counter in work again?!?! OH YEAH.


Eat that motherhubbards....

sorry, inappropriate outbursts are rife on this blog now :P

I learnt how to make a flat white today :D and the café menu's having a reboot! we're trying out fruit salad and jelly and chips and pasta dishes over the half term and if they're popular they'll be added as permanent features. I could totally dig some pasta...gotta love that.



argggggghhhhhhh, it's just sooooo wowowoahahegerbvaougfoaebf9awpeubfgosaeubgfoaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh.

powerful stuff.

PIZZA'S DONE. Most amazing foodstuffs ever.

argh, i feel like screaming and jumping and waving around and running forever, i just want to do anything other than sit still.
i might get up at the crack of dawn and meditate then paint and read and recite poetry on the highstreet.....

or not... :P

spontaneity works in movies
...other places?'s embarrassing!

Finally, a celebration of all that is 80's and awesome:

can't argue with the classics!

oooh, in other news, watched a Robin Williams film from '87....'Goodmorning Vietnam'
Totally recommend it! look it up, i promise it's worth a watch. Robin Williams is just too awesome.

okay, i'm done. totally.

Nighty night everyone

Peace and love
p.s that's the first time i've ever put tags on a post...i wonder if it makes any difference? :P
p.p.s ray william johnson is such a cutie :P


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