Friday, 25 February 2011


Every. Part. Of. Me. Aches.


urgh, so you know how i complain about what the customers call me in work (love, darling, angel)?


Today took the biscuit. I actually got winked at. What the heck??!? That's really inappropriate!! and seriously, it's not even as though I'm dressed remotely provocatively...and my hair's a mess and i'm not wearing any make-up.

Some days i can be bothered with a full mask but other days, you're lucky if i bind my hair up with a band. that is how little i care.

My hands are so dry :( I've had my hands drenched in chemicals for far too many days now.

Full day tomorrow. 10-6. :( Today was 10.30-5.30 which wasn't so bad.
Thursday was supposed to be 9.30 til 3.30....I had to work until 5...:/

I have no idea when I'm going to get time for anything...

I really whacked my knee on a table leg today...fecking hurt.

Good films I've seen this half term:

School For Scoundrels
Get Him To The Greek


Last night my mum was saying that it'd be good if i got a bunch of hours over the summer holidays to earn some money and my dad was like
'yeah, you can save some or buy a laptop or something.'
and my mum was like
'or some Jimmy Choo's'




I'm going for dinner...see y'all round

Peace and love

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