Sunday, 13 February 2011

I found what I was looking for!!

I needed a strapless bra for prom and i managed to get one :D hazaaaaaaaar. usually, things don't go to plan for me when i need them to!! I'm on page 123 (!) of my book so i've made a fairly good dent into it and it's starting to get interesting...i like the sound of Marcus...:P *oh come on, it's a girly book, of course there's going to be a mysterious love interest!!* the thing i'm really liking about it is that Ceceilia Ahern's written it from the point of view of a 16 year old and she's getting it right :) i think everything else i've read by her has been about people roughly middle aged, so this is a nice difference, and it's good that she hasn't stereotyped teens. I'm really enjoying it.
Sister Ignatius seems nice, if a lil strange but Rosaleen is just plain weird...

mmmm, mum's making roast dinner :D her roast potatoes are a-maz-ing :D

started writing my big diary properly again :D i always feel guilty when i neglect that diary because i miss out massive chunks of important detail...things i like to look back at :s
like, i was reading over my entry from my job interview and how nervous i was and now, i've had that job for four months!! wowzars. time flies.

GET ON TOP the red hot chili's one of their older songs...lil bit naughty xD oooo-errrr.

i'm realy lookign forward to going to wales this's not for ages but i really really really can't wait. i'm gonna plunge myself into freezing salty water and lose my breath. it's going to be brilliant. I can watch the sunset across the sea whilst sitting on a sea-weed wrapped rock. wowzars. plus, this time around, i have my phone with an ok-ish camera so i can take pics of EVERYTHING!!
i really hope i'm not away on tommy's birthday AGAIN but it always seem to be that i am :( darn.
need to buy a cable. DAMNIT. not's fine...

still waiting for my skin to arrive...they did say it'd be a long time. It's coming from hong kong and for long distances like that, they tend to wait until they get a bunch of orders before dispatching...makes sense...

i carry a lighter in my handbag. now if i get attacked i can set that mofo on fire.

Peace and love

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