Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm so lame...

I feel really proud when Kevin tells me I've worked really well :P

Today was the first time I'd seen him in a fortnight...and I actually missed him a lil bit xD

Got up about 8...had some coffee, a banana and a digestive biscuit. brushed my teeth. got changed, did my hair. wrote my BIG diary. read my book *shall have to tell you about it, remind me!*. Then went out at roughly a quarter to 10. started work at 10. first break at 11. ate the toasted club sandwich *triple slice white bread BLT and chicken mayo with a Ribena light xD* worked. ass off. worked. 2nd break at 3. ate a chocolate/caramel tray bake, downed a glass of milk and then had a bottle of apple juice. *I hadn't had milk in a while...just fancied it....'twas really nice :)* Worked. worked worked. lots of working. quite busy.

saw richard and lloyd?? why did they come to the café? and why did lloyd have a copy of the financial times with him :P?? he's what, 12 or something?? why on earth would he need the financial times...
ok, i'll stop being condescending, he's probably far more cultured than i am.


Well, I bought it last weekend in Oxfam for £1.99 and i'm really pleased because you can't even tell that it's been flicked through at all :D. It's called The Book of Tomorrow and it's by Ceceilia Ahern *probs my fave author* I've only read the first few chapters *which are quite short* but this weekend, there are only three little things i need to do so i'm going to get plenty of time to snuggle with ma booook and some hot chocolate and c h i l l *SCORE*
and it's only a week to go until half term...which i'm sorta sad about but also grateful for the break.

once again, i was going to say more but I got distracted....and now i must bid you farewell...

Peace and love

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