Monday, 21 February 2011

I swear the past few days have been way too full...

Surely it must have been like a week or something??

anyways, back to the grind today.

I had work and again tomorrow, thursday, friday and ofc saturday -_-' so much for getting some rest...xD

I'm gonna take my book to work tomorrow...the paper sucks...
plus i'm almost finished reading it and it's really good :D i told you rosaleen was she's gone all psycho-biatch.

i like.
'won the race but lost your mind'

aha, Glee's on tonight --------> yeah boi!! xD i don't care what your gotta say about that aha xD

mmmm....had meatballs and pasta for tea...V good.
had the mexicana panini, a cookie and a cereal bar in work...ribena light and orange juuiiiiice :D

mmm, gotta love that juice...

saw Paul yesterday :P very good!!! RECOMMEND.

btw...does anyone know how on earth i got my boots so damn muddy on saturday night?!?!?

what was i doing?!?!?

losing every last shred of dignity-that's what you were doing!!

anyways...i reckon i'm gonna go get some pudding and do some reading :) good times.

Peace and love

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