Monday, 7 February 2011


I should probably explain that title before too many rumours start...
Well, I'm HORMONAL and really pissed off at myself.
I was in such a bad mood this morning, got up late and had to rush my toast *which isn't easy when it's covered in peanut butter* and then i couldn't find my school uniform and i've lost my proper jumper and so ms. parry's gonna freak at me at some point...¬_¬
and then souble PE. GREAT. -_-'
anyways...I hate being a girl...the monthly thing really doesn't help but i thought i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous.

i've just lost all my male readers, haven't i? xD

Hmmm, probably ought to quit complaining really...far more pressing issues in the world. dang.

I'm trying to get into A Day To Remember, Caz, Summer and Adam really like them and listening to them on y'tube, they're actuially *that was the 3rd time i tried to type ACTUALLY so i gave up* pretty good, i just never really heard anything from them before!
Their gig sounds amazing. summer crowd-surfed!!...unconscious...xD she's fine, it's ok to laugh about it now!
omgosh, they've done a cover of over my head cable car!! V cool. I <3 this song.

they sorta remind me of fall out boy but quite a biit heavier

aw hell!! tried to make an ebay account, gotta be at least 18 :( probably shouldn't make up a fake age for it incase i get my card suspended...that would be bad. stupid that i can have an amazon account but not an ebay one. DAMNIT

mmmm, had roast chicken for dinner...'twas good :D

Peace and love


  1. Hmm, it's difficult being a girl, ain't it? I'll try not to rub in that fact...

    Anyway, hope you're doing okay. Roast Chicken does sound awesome btw.

    How are you feeling about the concert tomorrow?


  2. can defo see the fall out boy link you saw XD