Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ah, just read Zaros' blogs...

now i really want some chicken caesar salad...DAMNIT xD

wahey...just got the annoying thing out from between my two front teeth xD *go me*

this song is so awesome.

dang, i just love adele so much.

aw man...had the most terrible dream last night :'( woke up with tears all over my pillow.

work was...pretty busy...my feet ache xD dang...day off tomorrow *yay* but then three days in a row!!! :O if i don't lose any weight, i'm gonna be so frigging pissed.

btw, anyone listen to radio 1 at about 9.15 this morning?? i looked up that pic....i will never think of comedy dave in the same way again...DANG :P

larv it xD gaga when she was gaga not a madonna sound-alike...

dang...just looked at the comedy dave pic again...O.o

aha, Gok's on toinght :P love love love.

Peace and love

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