Saturday, 5 February 2011

I lost my phone...

But David found it for me!!! :D *yayayayayyayay*!!!
tommy, do you realise that if i hadn't gone to buy chips, i wouldn't even have realised my phone was gone?? CHIPS=GOODSTUFF

Last night was too awesome for words. There was a pretty safe ratio of drunk people to sober people and I didn't get completely off my face, I was just REALLY happy :D

Work was tiring today but it was fine :P Walking home, i found a handful of money in the road xD I found like £4.18...really pleased xD I know it's not much, but it was just sorta shining in the streetlight and I got that same zing that i used to get when i was like 4 and i did the whole 'find a penny, pick it up, for the rest of the day, you'll have good luck' malarkey
I also got a 1.11 tip and a love the number's good.
i sounds weird...i know, i know...xD
My legs really ache.
I was putting on my socks for work this morning and i realised that I had bruises on the backs of my legs and i was like 'wtfrooble?!' and then i remembered than in all, i must have been piggy backed around for over an hour and i had people holding me up quite tightly so i didn't fall... *face-palm*
so fecking funny though. I got piggy backed by adam for ages but he'd sprayed his hair dark so i ended up with it ON MY FACE xD
Simon was majorly out of it, you can ask him about it but you probably won't get much out of him, i doubt he remembers it xD aw, last night was soooooo good!! :P

i wanna do it again!!! i wish it was tonight xD

Peace and love
p.s!! got shown this in tutorial...totally addictive!


  1. I actually saw a good moonwalker on that thing! Finally.

    Anyway, good to hear that last night was good and undisatrous. And nice to hear that luck has taken your turn, with unlost phones and found money.

    Ha, one of the moonwalkers was a penguin.


  2. Is there anything those chips can't do!?!? :P