Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Welcome March!!

I always get confused over the seasons but since February's now over, I reckon I'm going to say it's Spring time...at last :D
Might just get some sunshine, who knows? Anything could happen :P



I think I'm going to have to do my speech tomorrow...sort of not dreading it...but I'm not very confident in front of peeps...I'm just gonna try to breathe and speak all slow like 'n' stuff :D

heard some more awesome speeches today :P LOVED Harvey's and Tom's...gosh, Giles went and did why lara croft was the ideal woman but it was actually brilliant xD I thought it'd be relaly offensive to women but somehow he made it very pro-women and it was fantastic xD what a great delivery as well :P
My speech isn't like anyone elses...I hope i don't have to answer questions...

btw jamie, rachel thinks you're the reason she won't go to university...you know cuz you asked her a difficult question about her speech? :) guffaw.

I'm not entirely sure what questions could be brought up though tbh...i mean, my whole speech is just my opinion so i don't really know how people could passionately question it :s

Quiche for tea :D

Peace and love
p.s I really liked Friday Night Dinner...don't know who else *other than jacob* has seen it but I reckon i'll be watching it again for the super happy fun times.


  1. Erm... I don't understand how I've stopped her going to university... a little bit of an over reaction? I might apologise anyway, but I'm not sure it'll do much help.

    Best of luck with the speech, although I'm sure you won't need it. It's nice for you to do what you like (compared to us, where we only had three topics to choose between), so you can actually do something you're interested in and can then talk about it well, etc.


  2. Shit on it! :P I liked it too.